I want to fuck your boyfriend. Sorry. Not sorry.

I can just see us now. We’re all standing in line out side the bedroom door, waiting our turn. The line goes out the door and down the street. And every ten min we here James say “next” from the bedroom. Leslie’s…

For me, even though I know he’d be one hell of a ride,  I prefer to make love to him instead of just fucking him.  I’m a hopeless romantic, I can’t help it.  Especially since he’d be a very good man to make love to. *sighs*


I agree with that!!! I’d MUCH rather make love to him then just have 10 min of fucking. 😉




MY GREATEST WEAKNESS EVER: those adorable couples where the guy is really menacing and everyone is terrified of him and he could probably plunge the entire country into a living hell if he wanted to and despises most everyone and comes off as scary and heartless but he is…

This is it, Red and Lizzie.